Liberty Creek South

Our Information

Who to Contact for What?

(Updated 5/14/2019)

For Emergencies please call 911!


Mayor's Action Center

Abandoned/Inoperable vehicles, animal control, city related traffic signs, missed trash collections, overgrown grass/weeds, potholes, zoning violations and more
(317) 327-4622


Non-Emergency Police Dispatch

Report solicitors in neighborhood: will need name of company represented and description of solicitors. Neighborhood is marked upon entrances of "No Soliciting". Also, file a standard police report for items such as graffiti, vandalism, theft, etc.
(317) 327-3811


Crime Stoppers

To report gangs, drugs & anonymous/reward Crime Stoppers Hot-Line
(317) 262-8477


Health Department

Vacant houses, lead prevention, sanitation/trash cleanup
(317) 221-2150


IPL "Lights Out" Hotline

To report a power outage at your home or in the area
(317) 261-8111


Pike Township Fire Department

Questions concerning safety, codes; for trash burning - ask for the Inspector
(317) 347-5860


Northwest Police District

(317) 327-6600


Security Company for Liberty-Glen (Blue Line Security)

CALL POLICE FIRST for criminal situations i.e. shots fired, violent behaviour etc.  Police will be able to respond more quickly. 

Blue Line Security - 24/7 dispatch/field supervisor phone number is (317) 784-7103.


Liberty-Glen Clubhouse Rental

The Liberty Glen Clubhouse manager is Kristen Geroff.  The clubhouse manager may be contacted by email at regarding clubhouse rental.  Learn more about Liberty Glen Amenities, Inc. at  For more information regarding the amenities, please contact the Liberty-Glen Property Manager, see next entry


Liberty-Glen Property Manager

Common areas, landscaping, neighborhood street signs & lights, pool passes, snow removal, verification of residence (real estate)

Joe Gutwein
PMI Meridian Management
PO Box 44127
Indianapolis, IN 46244
(317) 262-4989


Liberty Creek South HOA Board of Directors

All other neighborhood concerns/issues:

President - Mary Selig

Vice President- S. Andrew Noble

Secretary - Jennifer Layden

Treasurer - Mary Selig

Covenants Chair – S. Andrew Noble

Liberty-Glen Representatives - S. Andrew Noble & Mary Selig

Communications Chair – Andrea Timmers

Landscape Chair - S. Andrew Noble

Social Committee - Carol Taylor

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Indianapolis, Indiana 46254