Liberty Creek South

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Welcome to Liberty Creek South!

We are a housing subdivision just east of 56th Street & Lafayette Road on Indianapolis' northwest side, a part of Liberty Glen Amenities, Inc.

Liberty Creek South contains 387 homes, built in the 1980s, ranging from two-story to ranch-style homes. A list of homes for sale is available.



Case number 2020-DV3-032

Verizon has filed for a zoning variance to erect five (5) cell phone towers 39-47 feet tall in the right of way in Liberty Creek South. The hearing is scheduled for November 24, 2020. Please read the attached Legal Notice of Public Hearing in Documents and Pages.

Petition 2020-DV3-032, petition was continued from October 20, to the November 24, 2020 hearing.

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Nov 8: Annual Homeowners Meeting
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